So I was invited to an event at the Loading bar in London last week and I managed to see PDP’s line up of fantastic products. Including controllers for Xbox One and Nintendo Switch and they’re latest headphones. The event was great, massive shout out to Ali the press organiser for an amazing job and I advise everyone reading this to visit The Loading Bar when you can. Great games, atmosphere and people there for fun during the day or at night.

Right then, let’s get onto the headphones. To be honest, I’ve heard very little on PDP except for knowing they specialise in crafting their own versions of controllers and other gaming items. Now for years when you see controllers or headphones from manufacturers other than Sony, Nintendo or Microsoft it usually sets off alarm bells. By conjuring the notion that what you’re buying is cheap and won’t last long.

This was the case many, many years ago but as gaming as evolved, so have those manufacturing their own breed of controllers and tech.

In the last few years it seems as though the quality of these products from outside manufacturers has greatly improved. No longer do these items become regardless as unofficial tech as the quality is slowly being the main players at their own game. Considering that Sony’s quality for controllers has become shocking in the last few years with the PS4 controllers hardly taking a bump before breaking and their items just lasting the brunt of a pro gamer. Microsoft are much better in quality but they need to be careful as PDP are slowly leading the way in affordable tech for all three major consoles.

The LVL50 Wireless Headphones are something of a dream come true. As someone who has experienced the agony of wired headsets and having a Xbox One controllers so old they need an additional part to just plug in a headset. I was looking forward to seeing these wireless headphones in action and they did not disappoint.

PDP have made sure their LVL50 Wireless Headphones are pretty easy to set up from the go, requiring nothing more than a spare USB port on your Playstation 4 which you plug in the receiver. Once this is plugged in, you turn on the headphones and everything is ago.

What I noticed very quickly was the impressive sound quality and this was from the Playstation's home screen and after watching a few episodes on Netflix. With the sound quality being pretty immense I decided to test it out on a select few games below:

Resident Evil 2
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019)

So starting with Resident Evil 2 Remake, I wanted to check out the one thing these headphones could amplify, the footsteps of Mr X. Having those heavy footsteps come through the speakers on my TV was bad enough, but with these PDP headphones, it’s even more dread inducing. The headphones manage to balance out the tension filled silence with those thuds that echo the RCPD.

This kind of speaks for all the titles I played as the sound is balanced and one is never overpowering the other. So form more manic like Call of Duty or Control, the Headphones manage to do a perfect job at separating and feeding you the sound, music and dialogue in perfect harmony.

My major worry was that as these were wireless, I would encounter interference or have them cut out randomly Thankfully either of those things came to be and I was able to enjoy perfect sound quality. These are pretty damn comfy headphones as well, being nicely padded out and praise be the designers, there’s a bit of padding on the plastic that connects each headphone! So you won’t have any cases of having an uncomfortable, non-secure and sweating educing piece of plastic on your head. And if like me and you’re bald, then these are pretty ideal.

Only issue I really had was that there was no easy way to turn the sound back on the through the TV, but this can be done via holding down the home button on your controller and switching the sound option around to play through the TV. Also there’s no clear indication on the battery life either.

However the battery life is pretty impressive. I’m a hardcore gamer, playing a couple of hours each night and having a good few sessions over the weekend and they’re still got life in them. I’d say that you’ll get quite a few hours from them on a full charge! But an indication of battery life would be useful and avoid them cutting out on a critical death match!

There's also a handy little trick to mute the mic, which you can do by pointing the mic itself up! And this is not a cheap trick where other players can still hear you being yelled at by your mum (applies only to 12 year olds who play COD multiplayer). The mic actually mutes itself which is nice and the design of the headphones will make sure it doesn't fall down by itself.

For the money PDP are asking for, these headphones are definitely worth it! Crystal clear sound, no interference, cutting out, long lasting battery and comfortably easy to wear and set up. I highly recommend these headphones for the pro, hard core and even the causal gamer who wants more from their game. Or even if you just want to watch Netflix in peace, then these are great for that too.

++ Clear sound without interruption
++ Good battery life and easy set up
+ Comfy and pretty adjustable
- Lack of info on battery life

A pair of Level 50 Wireless Headphones was provided for the purpose of this review.