Right so everyone loves cats. Whether it be in cat videos on the YouTube, in real life or in video games. Just not a movie about humans playing cats, that’s just extremely weird. We’ve had the likes of Blinx the time sweeper or that groovy cat from Lone Survivor. Cats are big thing now and will be for ever and one of the most famous cat games on the market has got it’s very own sequel. Cat Quest II is out now for PC and consoles are we’re taking a look at this furry feline sequel.

Cat Quest now introduces co-op! A remarkable step this feline focused RPG as so few games like it do co-op. Cat Quest II changes very little else with the original formula but the addition of co-op means you and a buddy can enjoy the epic world of the Cat Kingdom. Yes the Cat Kingdom returns and it’s bigger than before, along with a whole new area that’s pretty much the doggy’s home land.
The story is a simple tale of good vs evil, with the cat kingdom being under siege and our main characters doing everything they can in order to reclaim the throne. The core gameplay remains largely the same, with players exploring the Cat Kingdom and beyond, while crawling through dungeons, tackling sides quests for extra rewards in order to complete the main story. There’s plenty to explore within this grand world including a number of elaborate dungeons that will test your skills.

Combat is again simple yet there’s a wider range of armours, weapons and abilities to obtain. Each player can kit out their hero and over the journey make them a furious feline or courageous canine with some spectacular upgrades. There’s plenty to fight across the cat kingdom and enough rewards to seek out on the journey. I will advise that the dungeons can become a little tedious over time and they never expand in scale or complexity.

This really speaks for everything else for Cat Quest II as everything feels and plays the same as the original. I like the original Cat Quest very much. It was simple yet highly engaging. The same goes for Cat Quest II, it’s simple yet highly engaging and more so with the inclusion of co-op.

But the world remains largely the same, just like the dungeons. There’s very little which changes, no extra layers to the design or a growing complexity the more you explore. A game like Zelda: A Link to the Past at least added in a shift mechanic which changed the game considerably, so much so it’s still admired and inspiring to this very day.

Cat Quest II has a lot of the same enemies, characters and types of dungeons in the last game. Near identical is design. There are new additions of course and these are very nice. There’s just enough here to make it a good sequel but not a great one. The one thing which is bumped up are the cat puns and jokes, which are humorous but by the end when they’re quoting famous internet memes, it does get a little dry in terms of humour.

Cat Quest II is great in any regard mind you. It’s simple, yet highly engaging, fun and absolutely adorable. I loved going back to the cat kingdom and bringing a friend along was amazing. There new stuff is great but much more was needed. For Cat Quest III I would like the developers to go a little bit further and take inspiration from the two titles I mentioned. Still though, this is fun for cat and dog lovers, young and older gamers and anyone who loves RPGs.

+ Simple yet highly immersive gameplay
+ Looks and sounds beautiful
+ Cute and plenty of feline fun!
- Dungeons can become a little tedious
- More or less the same as before
A PS4 review copy of Cat Quest 2 was provided by the publisher for the purpose of this review.