A HOMM-inspired adventure with a roguelite twist.

The Drairthir Peninsula was ruled in peace by two noble dragon houses. The Regal Dragons governed justly while the Va defended the kingdoms borders with their strength. However, centuries of fighting scarred the Va's souls and their love of the Regals slowly soured into jealousy.

After discovering a scroll of dark magic, the Va were corrupted and transformed into the Shai-va, cold and brutal dragons intent on the Regals destruction.

The ensuing civil war culminated in a final battle at the region’s capital Voven-sal, with the queen of the Regal Dragons eventually emerging victorious. But with the capital in ruins, and every region of the peninsula brewing with rebellion, the Dragoness ordered her remaining forces to fall back and found a new capital far removed from the chaos in NĂ­wenborh. As an envoy sent by the Elvish Empire, you are the Commander, selected by The Dragoness to lead her royal army and restore order to these war-torn lands. Embark on an epic adventure with 16 unique main quests, as well as optional challenges to master!