Pixmain's inaugural Steam showcase, Enter the Dragon, aired over the weekend featuring brand new game reveals and new trailers from some of the hottest upcoming titles from China.

Hosted by Janessa Christine, Enter the Dragon provided a platform for a series of high-profile and indie Chinese developers to showcase their latest titles coming soon in 2022 and beyond. Key moments from the evening’s show included the worldwide premiere of new horror title ‘No Return’ and new trailers from ‘Loopmancer’ , 'Ballads of Hongye', 'SCP: Secret Files', 'Soda Crisis', and 'Outpost’ (Working Title).

You can re-watch the livestream below, we’ve pulled together the new reveal highlights below with timestamps on when each title is featured:

No Return - GAME REVEAL AND TRAILER (3:51) - Developed by BlameTech and published by Pixmain, ‘No Return’ a first-person psychological horror game which follows a central character as he returns from work to his family home, only to find it transformed and twisted into a nightmarish never-ending loop. Players will follow the protagonist’s journey as he embarks on a mind-shattering quest that fuses fantasy with reality as he scavenges for clues to piece together what has happened. ‘No Return’ will be coming to PC in Autumn 2022.

My Time At Sandrock - NEW TRAILER (55:29) - Developed by Pathea Games, ‘My Time At Sandrock’ is the follow up to the smash hit ‘My Time At Portia’. ‘My Time At Sandrock’ will be coming to PC on May 26th 2022.

SCP: Secret Files - NEW TRAILER (2:48) - Developed by Game Zoo Studio and published by Pixmain, Based on the real-life online phenomenon, ‘SCP: Secret Files’ puts you in the shoes of a rookie assistant researcher at the SCP Foundation, a highly secretive organisation tasked with identifying and isolating dangerous anomalies across any and all jurisdictions. ‘SCP: Secret Files’ will be coming to PC in 2022. Full information can be found here.

Loopmancer - NEW TRAILER (30:34) - Developed by eBrain Studio, ‘Loopmancer’ is a 3D platformer roguelite action game with realistic graphics that takes place in a cyberpunk universe. Players play as a detective who comes back to life after an unexpected death to battle in this lifelike and futuristic city of the east. ‘Loopmancer’ will be coming to PC in summer 2022.

Outpost (Working Title): PLAYTEST ANNOUNCEMENT (50:17) - Published by Lightning Games, ‘Outpost (Working title’) is a new first-person shooter . Collect resources, build and raise outposts (bases) and various characters. Use them to tackle more difficult maps /modes for better rewards and growth material through battles filled with random elements. We support multiplayer online cooperation.

Soda Crisis: DATE ANNOUNCEMENT TRAILER (27:52) - Published by bilibili, ‘Soda Crisis’ is a fast-paced side-scrolling shooter game . You play as a mysterious character of unknown origin, equipped with advanced high-tech gears and fierce combating skills - definitely the chosen one for this rescue mission! Bearing the mystery of origins, you will explore this futuristic world, search out the secrets behind the danger, and fight for the fate of Earth! Soda Crisis is coming to PC in May 2022.

Metal Mind - NEW TRAILER (33:56) - Developed by Whirllaxy, ‘Metal Mind’ is a top-down, pixel art shooting game that combines Mecha transformations and Roguelite, inspired by Metal Max and other Roguelites. ‘Metal Mind’ will be coming to PC in the first half of 2022.

Ballads of Hongue - NEW TRAILER (1:05:57) - Developed by Seasun Games, ‘Ballads of Hongye’ is a unique city-building game. Unlike the conventional city-building games, lands are expanded by finishing the challenges in a limited time. Once you own the lands, players can take their time to build their dream oriental city with over 150 different buildings. ‘Ballads of Hongye’ will be coming to PC in summer 2022.

PuPu’s Adventure Park - NEW TRAILER (1:08:59) - Developed by Plum Tree Games and published by Pixmain. ‘PuPu’s Adventure Park’ is a new simulation game which puts players in charge of building an Adventure Park from the ground up! The PuPu clan had just rented a new "playground" from the Dark Goblins. Manage the park, construct park facilities, and grow your clan to serve the expansion of the Park for "hero" customers summoned from other planets! ‘PuPu’s Adventure Park’ will be coming to PC in early 2023.

A Guidebook of Babel - NEW TRAILER AND KICKSTARTER ANNOUNCED (1:12:23) - Developed by StarryStarry ‘A Guidebook of Babel’ is an afterlife story-rich point and click adventure being developed for PC and Mobile where players explore “life” beyond death, solve mysteries through the “butterfly effect” by rewriting past events to help “passengers” on the Babel move onto their next life. Full information can be found here.
Further new trailers were revealed for:
ANNO: Mutationem - (17:32)
Detained: Too Good for School - (36:54)
Minds Beneath Us - (1:13:39)
HAAK - (29:12)
AWAKEN - Astral Blade - (37:48)