Battle your way through the Underworld in this free limited-time version of action-adventure There is No Light with 3 locations, a boss-fight, and an exclusive arena mode.

November 10, 2021 | Developer Zelart and publisher HypeTrain Digital are excited to announce the launch of There Is No Light 616, a free version of their upcoming dark ​​action-adventure There is No Light. There Is No Light 616 will be available on Steam for a limited time.

There is No Light is a pixel-art action-adventure set in a grim underground world ruled by the mysterious Church of the Great Hand, where the entire human population has been eradicated by a global catastrophe. Explore the game world, listen to the stories of survivors, vanquish hordes of bloodthirsty demonic creatures and fight deadly Bosses to fulfill your goal — save your child who has been taken away by the Church.

There is No Light 616 is a free version of There Is No Light. Behold the majesty of the Central Station and test your fighting skills in the Arena of Death. This version features the core gameplay, 3 full-scale locations, a boss fight, and an exclusive arena mode.

Key Features:

Ashes of the Old World. Visit human settlements and unearthly ruins to unveil the secrets of the past.

Fight for Your Life. Blast your way through the hordes of various enemies.

Filled with Rage. The Rage system forces you to play aggressively. You won’t hide from the battle.

Weapons of the Underworld. Create your own playstyle with different weapons and upgrades.

Non-linear Narrative. Explore the story the way you want.

Good Intentions. The world around you changes according to your actions.

Danger in the Shadows. Encounter dangerous and powerful bosses.