In honor of Wonder Woman’s 80th anniversary, DC, Warner Bros. Games and NetherRealm Studios will be releasing Classic Wonder Woman in Injustice 2 Mobile on Oct. 19 as an all-new Gold fighter based on the iconic Super Hero’s early comic book appearances. The release of Classic Wonder Woman comes just ahead of Wonder Woman Day on Oct. 21, the global celebration for fans all over the world to enjoy special releases and content to commemorate her legacy, including Wonder Woman’s induction into the Comic-Con Museum’s Character Hall of Fame.

Classic Wonder Woman brings her original characteristics to Injustice 2 Mobile – but with a modernized twist to show her current place in the universe. As the powerhouse of the Classic team and main damage dealer, Classic Wonder Woman grants extra Critical Damage to all of her teammates and extra Critical Chance to Classic teammates against Blinded opponents. She also provides strong support capabilities, boosting other Wonder Woman and Classic Super Heroes by increasing their chances to roll Rare and Epic talents.

Fans will be able to obtain early access to Classic Wonder Woman starting Oct. 19 exclusively through the Injustice Pass, a new feature launching in beta which allows players to earn in-game rewards including Gems, Orbs and Credits by completing tiers of objectives each week. The first Injustice Pass season will be called the Wonder Pass, which includes three options – Free, Premium and Premium+. The Premium and Premium+ rewards will include a 1-star Classic Wonder Woman that can be upgraded to 3-stars through gameplay. Fans who miss the Wonder Pass will also have the option to earn Classic Wonder Woman through her full release in a special Invasion Event in November.

Players are also being treated to an entire slate of Wonder Woman-themed special events and rewards in honor of her 80th anniversary, including:

NEW – Legendary Golden Armor Wonder Woman Versus Challenge (Oct. 21-28)
Available at account level 7, players must use their Wonder Woman heroes to take down the Legion of Doom to earn Hero Shards for Legendary Golden Armor Wonder Woman and a chance at her gear. New players will receive a free Silver Wonder Woman by completing the tutorial, and all players will receive a free Starter Pack which includes a 3-star Silver Amazon Wonder Woman, 10 Sim Tickets and 25K Credits.

RETURNING – The Warrior Queen Wonder Woman Challenge (Oct. 19-26)
Featuring three challenge difficulties (Normal, Heroic and Super Heroic), players must win the fight against Wonder Woman to earn rewards including Warrior Queen Wonder Woman Hero Shards and a chance at her gear.

RETURNING – Mythic Wonder Woman Arena (Oct. 19-26)
In this competitive multiplayer mode, players must battle to reach the highest tier, earning rewards based their leaderboard placement. Fans who place in the Legendary tier will be awarded 360 Mythic Wonder Woman Hero Shards (which unlocks the character), 600 Arena Metals, 1K Power Gems and 5K Credits.

FREE – Player Gifts (Oct. 21-26)
Fans can redeem a free player gift every 24 hours for five days straight. These gifts include a chance to get free Hero Shards for the six different Wonder Woman variants in the game, including Classic Wonder Woman.

The arrival of Classic Wonder Woman completes the Classic Team in Injustice 2 Mobile, alongside Classic Batman and Classic Superman, who were released on their respective 80th anniversaries in their unique comic book cell-shaded styles. Both Classic Batman’s and Classic Superman’s abilities have been improved, making the Classic Team’s synergy stronger than ever. These include:

UPDATED – Classic Batman Rework
The “Batman Inc.” Passive skill now applies to Classic Batman and all Classic teammates, providing a bonus to Attack and Health when they enter combat. The “Power Seize” Passive will now provide Power to Classic heroes when an opponent misses an attack due to being Blinded. Classic Batman will also aid the Classic team by empowering their Swipe attacks with Blind.

UPDATED – Classic Superman Rework
The "Titanic Strength" Passive skill now applies to all of Classic Superman's Specials. This will deal additional damage to tagged out opponents and decreases the Defense of the current opponent for the remainder of the battle. His Special skill, "Blast from the Past," now also has a chance to steal Power.

NEW – Classic Superman Passives
A new Passive skill, “Power of the Sun,” allows Classic Superman and his Classic teammates to heal up to 26 percent of their Max Health from Power Boosts. Another new Passive skill, “Tough Skin,” will allow Classic Superman to grant his teammates up to 40 percent defense.