The upcoming Bethesda title Deathloop just got a new, kickass gameplay/story trailer diving deeper into the mystery of Blackreef. Timed Exclusively for PS5 and launching also on PC on the 14th of September, Deathloop is an innovated action adventure where you must take out a list of contract killings, but failure will repeat the day again. Live, learn, die and repeat.

Blackreef is a mystery, and Colt is looking for answers. Who are the Visionaries? What is Blackreef? How does the time-loop work? Why does everyone on the island have amnesia? Why is Julianna always lurking behind the nearest corner ready to ambush Colt? Most importantly, Colt wants to know: “Who am I?”

The deeper Colt goes down the rabbit hole, the more questions arise. One thing is for sure, Colt is determined to get to the bottom of this mystery and break the time loop—no matter what answers he finds.

Launching September 14, 2021, on console exclusively for PlayStation 5 and available on PC. Available for pre-order now:

If At First, You Don’t Succeed… Die, Die Again.

Check out the gameplay/story trailer below and get ready to die, die and die again on the 14th of September.