Com2uS Launches First Major Update For the Massive Real-Time Strategy Game, Introducing “World Tournament” PvP Mode, a Special “Brawl Battle” Event and Two New Monsters

Today, Com2uS, the creators of the fantasy RPG franchise Summoners War, has launched the first major update for Summoners War: Lost Centuria, with Season 2 now available on the Apple App Store and Google Play. The massive real-time strategy mobile game now invites players to take on opponents around the globe in the brand new PvP mode “World Tournament,” and a special Season 2 event mode “Brawl Battle.” The Season 2 update also introduces two new powerful Monsters to the game, “Seara” and “Zibrolta,” to crank up the competition level all the way up.
More information on the latest updates can be below:
“World Tournament” New PvP Mode :

In the brand new PvP Mode “World Tournament,” players of Gold V grade or higher can compete against each other and battle their way to the top. Players’ world rankings will be determined by their number of victories. Unlike normal PvP battles, the Ban & Pick mode of banishing certain monsters from the opponent's deck is applied to the “World Tournament mode,” allowing players to fight more strategically.

Two New Monsters - Seara and Zibrolta:

Players can now summon two new Monsters Seara and Zibrolta. First, the legendary Wind attribute monster Seara is a Support type monster. She can place a bomb on the forefront of an enemy and reduce the duration of all effects that can be removed on the enemy. Once the bomb explodes, it deals massive damage ignoring the target's defense and stuns it. Second, Zibrolta is a normal grade Fire attribute and Attack type monster, who throws a bomb at enemies randomly, dealing defense-ignore damage and stunning them. You can check out these new Monsters in action through a trailer here.

“Brawl Battle” Event Mode:

In the new “Brawl Battle” event mode, all monsters and spells are available and the difficulty level can be adjusted up to 10, allowing players to compete in the same conditions. Additionally, matchmaking will be done between players who have accumulated 4,000 or more victory points in both Ranked and Normal Battles. While skill stone effects will not be applied in Barrier and Arena Battles, rune set effects will be, giving an even greater emphasis on strategy.

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