PQube and ScopeNext Inc are excited to invite players to help shape the development of rougelite deckbuilder DIMENSION REIGN as it receives new updates later this month.

Battle, loot and build your deck as you journey through the realms seeking revenge
Dark fantasy single-player adventure with roguelite gameplay elements
Control dual-protagonists with multiple classes
Players invited to provide feedback on early access version to help shape development
Addictive, fast-paced card-based combat
Tactically challenging & procedurally generated stages with endless replayability
1st update coming April 27th, 2021
Coming to Steam 2022

Currently available in early access, DIMENSION REIGN is rated "Very Positive" with 88% of players recommending the unforgiving rougelike adventure.

Watch the 'DIMENSION REIGN' Announcement Trailer:

In a world succumbed to the dark forces of a nefarious tyrant, play as twins Edge and Camilla as they seek revenge to reclaim their home.

Build your card deck and weave ever-changing tactical assaults on hordes of enemies with powerful weapon cards, relics and more. Use strategy and cunning to chain multiple attack combos to annihilate the demonic creatures that have violated your homeland.

Players can now join the development team in improving DIMENSION REIGN even more, by playing the game in early access and sharing their feedback on Discord!

Control dual protagonists Edge and Camilla, each with their own unique skill sets and job types to unlock as you battle through an unpredictable ever-changing world.

Upgrade and select your character classes before setting out on each run, customising skills, weapons and more to find the perfect combinations to overcome various enemies and environments.

Build your deck and use powerful card synergies to combine the abilities of your two heroes.

There are several paths you can take on your road to revenge, each with their own risks... and rewards.

Choose your route strategically as you explore a network of procedurally generated ruins filled with creature encounters, treasures, and resources.

Pay great mind to the routes you choose to follow, as forks in the road will be crucial to building your character and determine your fate.

Battle through stages with dynamic difficulty levels; with waves of powerful creatures, you'll need to think carefully about your moves and adjust tactics each time new enemies appear.

Face off against a cast of over 500 classic fantasy enemies from lizardmen, imps and skeletons to powerful gargantuan Goblin species, each with unique attacks, characteristics and profiles.

Find the best solution to these ever-changing stages as you focus on strategy, tactics and powerful card combos with your uniquely built deck.

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