The gaming and virtual event sphere is currently booming with huge growth surges since 2020. At the forefront of this growth is BucketRace; the virtual event company who offer competitive online points-based games and events, both publicly and privately. These events combine elements such as performance art, comedy, music, visual art, digital technology and storylines to provide a fully immersive gaming experience. It is this experience which has delivered them a 500% turnover growth from November 2020, with over 30,000 new customers signing up and daily requests coming in from USA and internationally.

BucketRace carved their name within the events sphere with their famous Scavenger Hunts with a twist in 2017. Since then, they have created a multitude of different physical and virtual games, resulting in an 80% increase in staff growth.

Founded by Laurence Stephan, BucketRace is essentially an expression of himself wrapped into a business, combining his love for music, video, graphics, humour and theatrics. This love shines through and is what makes the BucketRace events so popular, with customers bookings for birthdays, corporate events, stag / hen dos and more. With various games ranging from their ‘Whacky Wager Betting Night’ to ‘The Fat Big Quiz Of…’, just decide your team name and get ready to enjoy a night in with a gaming experience like no other (extra points for the best team name too!).

All their games, quizzes and events are designed to be played across all video conferencing platforms and are available publicly every weekend, or privately upon request. Check out their seasonal games for a fun twist!

Public Events are run every Saturday between 7pm-9pm
Price: £10 per person / £15 for a couple / £20 for family/household

Tickets can be bought on DesignMyNight or