Music and sound are an integral part of every video game. We believe that fans of video games are noticing its presence more and more and know how to appreciate whether the music and the sound design completes the perfect gaming experience or, conversely, is distracting or inappropriate.

The video game industry is an increasingly attractive, specific and prestigious world whose many are eager to be a part of it. FMC- international music competition and awards brings this year in collaboration with professional video game developer 3DIVISION an exclusive option for all music composers, sound designers and musicians. In the new competition category “Music for Videogame ”their task will be to compose music and create a sound design for the video game “Air Missions: HIND ”.

It's a great opportunity for all musicians who compose such a genre, or on the contrary, they plan to work professionally in this sector, but have not yet had the opportunity to try it out and work on a real video game.
They will have space and a chance in this category to realize their musical creativity without any restrictions, engage finished music in the international competitive environment and have it judged by a prestigious international jury.

In addition to this special category, which will have its premiere at FMC this year, can music composers, sound designers or video game companies, enter the competition with already composed finished music, which is part of various video games to the category of “Original Music for Film, TV, ADS, Videogames.

About absolute winners of the competition will be decided by members of prestigious international jury from the USA, Australia, Asia, EU working in the music and film business, who have been composing music to a variety of video games.

Thanks to this year's exclusive partners: PSPaudioware, Native Instruments, D16 Group Audio Software as well as Event Partners: Audiomodern, Meze Audio and others, the prizes will be in the total value of more than 58 000 Euros.

In addition to the Absolute Winners, the jury and organizers of the competition may propose special prizes for other competitors which will be announced during the announcement of winners. The winners will also receive international promo on all communication channels of the competition, original custom made trophies and certificates that will be a reminder of the competition and an award for their success.

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Registration will be open in a few weeks on March 28, 2021. Details of the competition, jury, prizes, rules, photos, videos and testimonials of the winners can be found on the official website

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