Online gaming has surged under lockdown, with record downloads for games titles across the App Store and Google Play.

Now, as lockdown measures start to ease around the world, Wooga - the Hidden Object games developer behind leading titles including June’s Journey and Pearl’s Peril - is focussing its efforts on bringing together its new and established players.

A unique campaign – Murder Most Fowl - will run on June’s Journey, Wooga’s leading game, from Tuesday 9th June to Friday 12th June 2020.

The campaign is being launched to foster a digital community that will endure long after lockdown. By strengthening in-game interactions between new ‘lockdown gamers’ and longstanding players, Murder Most Fowl will enable nearly 2 million daily active users to work together to collectively solve a mystery.

Grounded in suspense, the campaign will focus on a series of short videos, which can only be unlocked by June’s Journey players working as one global team. Each video reveals vital clues, taking players a step closer to solving the mystery.

The initiative has been designed in support of the World Health Organisation’s #PlayApartTogether campaign, which launched in March and was backed by Wooga, Playtika and other industry leaders. #PlayApartTogether acknowledges gaming’s unique capacity to help flatten the COVID-19 curve by enabling both social interaction and physical distancing.

Valentine Ledour, Lead Marketing Manager at Wooga said, “Murder mystery is one of the most enduring genres within literature and popular culture. Now, using the medium of Hidden Object gaming, we want to reinvent this beloved genre and bring people together as one global team of detectives.”

Melanie Zimmermann, Head of Marketing at Wooga added, “People often associate Hidden Object games with individual gameplay, but what we have experienced during lockdown is increased interaction and engagement between players, as well as the formation of new friendships through June’s Journey. Through the Murder Most Fowl campaign, we want to ensure these bonds of friendship continue to flourish and grow stronger”.