After a successful release on PC last Autumn (78% on Steam), this new classic survival horror is making its way onto consoles, delighting many gamepad-wielding fans.

Publishers Destructive Creations, All in! Games and developer Invader Studios are proud to announce the release of the console versions of their successful classic survival horror Daymare: 1998. Since the game's three protagonists started to clean up after the incident in Hexacore's labs, all eyes were on the contagion spreading further to other platforms. And the time is near.

Slipgate Studios, the publishers' and developer's major partner for porting of Daymare: 1998, worked hard to bring this title to both major console platforms in the best quality possible, not sacrificing anything from the original PC version. Already built to be played with a controller, the gameplay feel is natural and responsive, as required for some third-person action among a horde of bloodthirsty monsters.

Daymare: 1998 will be released simultaneously across Europe and the Americas on 28 April 2020 and brought to retail stores (PS4) on the same date thanks to the publishers' distribution partners Meridiem Games (EU) and GS2 Games (US).

"After seeing the positive feedback Daymare: 1998 has been receiving on PC, we're excited to be able to bring this game to console players. And seeing our game on the shelves of retail stores is just a dream come true. Hope everybody will enjoy their visit to Keen Sight," says Michele Giannone, Business Development Director of Invader Studios.


Multi-character POV – see the story from different angles and discover the truth;
Fearsome enemies – rendered in detail with lifelike animations and dismemberment;
Realistic HUD – check your inventory, health, and the position of a given piece of equipment;
Environmental puzzles – finding your way around is not always easy, so look for clues;
Classic mechanics – limited ammo and save points, backtracking, collectibles, tough enemies, and more;
Modern graphics and effects – not everything is old-school, thanks to Unreal Engine 4;
Experience the 90s – the game is an homage to the era, with tons of references.