Video games and casinos go hand in hand at the thrill their users achieve. Some arcades feature gambling machines that enable you to get double the fun, from defeating your competitor and also raking in some money.

Seeing the close relationship between the two pastime activities, it is not a wonder that they would borrow some games from each other. The scene is more observable where video games are used in online casino games. They mostly influence the theme and share several features, such as graphics and achievements.

Below are some of the video games that have turned into online casino games but you can also find more games at

1. Tomb Raider Casino Slot Game
One of the most popular franchises developed from the film went to the arcade and now is gracing the casino hall. If you have watched the movie or played the video game, then you will have a slight idea of how the game looks. The theme is similar to the archeological film, and the Lara Croft figure is the winning figure on the 5-reel slot.
Other symbols related to the movie include the idol, the tomb raider logo, and poker symbols. The tomb raider logo has the highest payouts, with only a double appearance required to secure a win. The payouts range from 200 coins to 7500. You also get free spins when you get some of the symbols in sequence.

2. Call Of Duty 4
For video game lovers, this is one of the best crossovers in the casino hall. Call of duty 4 is popular with gamers with a thing for shooting scenarios. If you have been on the screen of the game, then you will immediately identify it courtesy of its symbols and designs that borrow a leaf from its arcade counterpart.

The casino game is a slot game featuring five reels and 25 pay lines. A standout feature about the slot game is its grand jackpot that touches the $100000 mark. The stakes are also incredible, and you can get into the gamble mode with as little as $0.01 up to a high stake amount of $500. As such, the game is suitable for both novice players who are starting out and also high rollers who stake quite the fortune.

If you are familiar with the symbols from the game franchise, then you will pick pace quite fast. If not, a little orientation will take you through the symbols and their payouts. There are also bonuses and scatters to help amplify your winnings and enhance your overall experience behind the slot machine.

3. Donkey Kong
Something for the 80s and 90s kid with the nostalgia-inducing donkey kong characters. Take a trip back to your childhood video game days by playing this slot game. The concept of the game is simple, and all you have to do is to skip the barrels and climb over ladders. You do this as you make your way to the top of the machine and grab the jackpot.

The beloved Super Mario features in the game, and by pressing his button, you either get extra cash, opening up the ladders or boost your lives. The graphics are symbolic of the Donkey Kong franchise, with some aspects borrowed from Super Mario and Donkey Kong Country.

4. Hitman Slot
If you want your gambling experience action-packed, then hitman is the game to look for when you grace the casino. The game borrows from the hitman computer game that also transcended to film and even in consoles. The action is heightened by the videos that show how the hitman’s antics and help to get you in the gaming mode.
The game has five reels with fifteen pay lines that are unfixed and give s you tons of chances at striking the jackpot. Among the symbols present on the game include Agent 47, the key player in the gaming series, rifles, and drugs. Landing on a set of symbols improves your payouts in multiples.

Do not forget the bonuses as they are present to enhance your experience with the game. There are free spins that also boost your chances of going home with fat cash out.

5. Terminator 2
Terminator needs no introduction to you if you are a gamer. The game is one of the most popular drawing its inspiration from the movies. It went to the gaming scene, and now it takes on a slot machine presence to grace the casino. The game features three rows and five reels, and its design borrows elements from the movie. The graphics take on a more realistic 3D look.

When you initiate the free spins, your chances of winning appreciate from 243 to 1024 courtesy of an extra row added. There is also a random bonus, in the form of T-800 vision that goes across the reels and you get rewarded with a mystery prize.

The T-1000 symbol has the transformative power to convert any icon on your screen to a winning combo. The game is quite complicated and needs you to understand its concepts to go with it. The payouts are handsome, and if you are a high roller, the terminator 2 slot is the best slot game for you. Terminator can be played at
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6. Street Fighter 2
If there is a game that captures the young adult fantasies of the 90s, it is a street fighter. It was a popular game with Nintendo consoles. You can relive the awesome childhood by going high roller with the street fighter 2 slot game.
The graphics, as usual, are reminiscent of the console game, and the best part is that you pick a fighter who can match up in the five by three slots. The game is easy to tackle with instructions presented clearly before you begin. The payouts are decent, and you can join the fun either as a novice player or a pro aiming for the large sums. Some bonuses result in free spins that amplify your chances of landing wins.

7. Fifa Slot
The FIFA slot is one of the best crossovers that captures one of the most beloved gaming franchises. The slot game is football-themed and is a suitable choice for you if you love football and have taken part in the recent FIFA video game releases mostly in the play station sector.

The game consists of five reels and twenty-five bet lines and takes into consideration the history of the club and the players. If you are well versed in the football scene, then the better for you as you can identify potential winning combos.

The jackpots are fantastic, where there is the mini payout, the mega payout, and a medium take away. The mini payout stands at 31285 pounds, the medium at 51928, and the mega payout an impressive 93856 pounds. Also, be on the lookout for bonuses and free spins to hit a decent fortune while rolling the slots.

8. Resident Evil Slot
Resident evil is another one o those video games that came from a movie and sneaked its way to the casino. An amazing thing with this game is the graphics, and the theme portraying the zombies. It is a great game to get on with standout payouts and bonuses on your way. To go with it, you need to understand the various symbols and the rules to pull it off.

There are twenty available pay lines that you can play per spin with an excellent payout rate of 92%. If you are into high rolling, resident evil would be the best option to look at.

9. Top Gun Slot
Straight from the 1980s movie, that we have this fantastic slot game. The film was first adapted into a video game and got terrific numbers in the gaming fraternity. The game features five reels and presents 243 ways of winning it.
The top gun characters are present, and they add a touch of drama, just like in the movie. It helps in bringing in the right groove to stake and rake your earnings. The rules are well laid, explaining the points each team garners and the value of each character. For the nostalgic feel, you can try out this casino slot game with a touch of some modernity that leads you to impressive payouts.

Video games have been revolutionary ever since their inception almost four decades ago. They are now part of a culture, which can also spread to the casino halls. Combining the concept of the two adrenaline boosters, you get the idea of a worthy pastime engagement. The two have borrowed concepts form each other, bringing a scenario where video games influence the online casino games.

Above are some of the online casino games based on video games. They share a lot, with the only differentiating factor, in most cases being the mode of operation. The casino games come with fantastic payouts and bonuses that improve your winning chances.

Most are easy to play with flexibility in stake amounts where you can venture in as a beginner or a pro. Pick your best video game-based online casino game and rake in handsome amounts.

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