Captains log: time to boldly launch what no man (or bear) has launched before. Giving a high-paw to World Bear Day in Australia, Broadside Games and Ravenscourt are delighted to announce Bears In Space is now available on PC, across Steam and Epic. To celebrate, the team are revealing an un-bear-lievable launch trailer inspired by action-packed 90’s toy commercials.

Bears In Space is an over-the-top bullet-hell FPS, with inspiration from old-school shooters and infused with satirical humour and pop culture references pulled from the minds of Broadside Games’ core three-man team. Over the last 7 years, what started as an after-work passion project between friends, has given rise to a must-play absurdly fun action-packed adventure.

Whether you're a seasoned gamer looking for a blast from the past or a casual player seeking a fun-filled adventure, Bears In Space is available now on PC via Steam and Epic for AUD 29.95. Get your paws on Bears In Space before 28th March and enjoy a 10% discount on Steam.

In Bears In Space, dive headfirst into hordes of oil-thirsty robots as you embody Maxwell Atoms, a Spacetronaut turned extra-terrestrial castaway, whose DNA has been merged with Beartana, the She-Bear.

Embark on a zany and humorous out-of-this-world adventure that'll have you blasting your way across exciting and varied locations, from wastelands and space carnivals to ancient hidden temples and more, as you quest to find your way back to earth and if there’s time, save your crew. Let the chaos unfold and the bullets fly; it’s Bear vs. Robot time!