One of our most-anticipated games of 2024, Pacific Drive, which launches on February 22, for PC and PS5, has a demo on the Steam Next Fest right now. But the time to play is limited, as the demo will vanish from the Steam Next Fest when it ends on the 12th of February. If you want to know more about the car-focused survival game, here is a brand new gameplay trailer showcasing how to survive in The Zone. The brand-new and highly anticipated survival game sees players trying to escape a terrifying, supernatural section known as The Zone, in an old, beaten-up station wagon. The aim is to explore the world before you, gather supplies, fix up your car, and make a daring escape from the hostile world which imprisons you. Previews have been immensely positive and it aims to be one of the most exciting indie titles out in 2024.

At this time, you can pre-order Pacific Drive for PC on Steam, and on the Epic Games store. For the console players, Pacific Drive is coming to PS5 with a deluxe edition ready to pre-order.

Pacific Drive is a first-person survival game, with familiar rogue-like elements, where players will drive, explore, and build their car to withstand harsher environmental conditions and bigger threats. Developed by Seattle-based Ironwood Studios and set to be one of the most promising titles in 2024, where players drive, ride, and upgrade their car in hopes of escaping the highly dangerous "Olympic Exclusion Zone."

Alexander Dracott (Creative Director) and Seth Rosen (Game Director) guide us through the world, gameplay and all the need to knows for basic survival, including how to maintain your trusted means of traversal and your base of repairs and operations. The trailer shows in great depth the ins and outs of repairing, upgrading and maintaining your lovable station wagon, and also the harsh realities (or supernatural threats) of the world inside The Zone.

From what we've seen so far, Pacific Drive is shaping up to be a fantastic survival adventure game, where players must ride out into the unknown, gather resources, upgrade their means of transport, and break out of the Olympic Exclusion Zone. We don't have long now to wait until the launch, as Pacific Drive releases on February 22 for PC via Steam, and PlayStation 5. Check out the survival trailer below for more details.