Team17 has today announced a partnership with BKOM Studios to publish the upcoming dystopian adventure Sunday Gold on PC in 2022. Combining strategic turn-based combat, intricate puzzle-solving, and a trio of cunning and cutthroat criminals, Sunday Gold takes place in 2070s London: a bleak and unwelcoming city, rife and riddled with crime, and a corrupt elite who will kill anyone working to uncover their malevolent and illegal secrets.

Sunday Gold mashes classic point-and-click adventure mechanics with escape-room-style puzzles, as the three protagonists – Frank (The Vengeful Ex-Con), Sally (The Activist), and Gavin (The Disgruntled Ex-Employee) – unearth and decipher clues in order to escape certain death. Switching between control of the three very different characters, players will engage in stylish turn-based combat, and utilise each of the anti-heroes’ unique skills and attacks, and an arsenal of weapons and consumables, to take down the bad guys.

Against the backdrop of a capital dogged by corruption and dystopian activities the trio attempt to extort a pocket-lining payday from Kenny Hogan, the mysterious and monstrous billionaire CEO of Hogan Industries. Infamous for his involvement in brutal cybernetic dog races with his prize pooch, the eponymous Sunday Gold, the three find themselves embroiled in something more sinister than their typical extortion plans, as they try to keep their cool… and fight for their lives.

Sunday Gold Key Features:

Atmospheric action: Immersed in the gritty and unwelcoming world of near-future London, Sunday Gold’s story takes players into the seedy underbelly of the corrupt elite, where secrets are hidden behind every locked door

Stylish turn-based combat: Comic book inspired sequences, specific skills, attacks, and talent trees, along with as many stolen items the trio can get their thievin’ hands on, makes for a unique turn-based combat experience

Noggin’ scratching puzzles: Explore each room and solve a combination of observation, deduction, and inventory puzzles; hunt for clues, hack terminals, and even bust down a door (or two)

Keep your cool: In the face of dead bodies, cybernetic dogs, and psychotic billionaires even the most hardened criminals will start to lose their cool – maintaining the team’s composure with consumables and specific abilities will be key to mission success

A trio of trouble: Frank, Sally, and Gavin make for unusual comrades, but without each of their unique abilities to lock pick, hack, and rip things open with their bare hands, the mission is doomed to fail.

Sunday Gold is Currently available to Wishlist on Steam, and you can keep up to date with all the information by liking us on Facebook, following us on Twitter, joining us on Discord, or checking out the Sunday Gold Website.