Prime Matter and Nightdive Studios have teamed up with SHODAN – the psychotic AI controlling Citadel Station to reshape humanity in a fusion of flesh and steel to reveal a fantastic new gameplay trailer for System Shock. The game is a fully-fledged remake of the groundbreaking original from 1994, combining the cult gameplay with all-new HD visuals, updated controls, an overhauled interface, and all-new sounds & music.

The developers - Nightdive Studios - worked closely with many of the members of the original System Shock team, including the voice of SHODAN — Terri Brosius — ensuring the remake stays true to its origins while winning over newcomers to the title too.

Hackers Players are reminded that they are worthless insects and will need to use a combination of stealth, cunning and futuristic weaponry to make their way through Citadel Station's all-new areas, traps, puzzles, and secrets to reach SHODAN.

Facing them is an army of hostile and mutated creatures – created and controlled by SHODAN herself – which hackers players will need to either fight or avoid to survive.

System Shock is available to pre-order for PC via Steam, GOG and the Epic Game Store; a playable demo can be found on the respective storefronts. The title will also be released on PlayStation 4|5 and Xbox One and Series S|X.