CCP Games and BBC Studios have deployed EVE Online x Doctor Who and released the Daleks into New Eden. Called “Interstellar Convergence,” this is the first major cross IP collaboration in the spaceship multiplayer game’s history.

Watch the event trailer here:

When: Thursday, January 13 - Tuesday, February 1.
What: A limited time event where EVE Online players scavenge for artifacts from Doctor Who’s Great Time War to access Gallifreyan space. Once there, EVE Capsuleers will come face-to-face with the Daleks and shift the balance of power before the Doctor’s iconic battle.

Why: EVE Online players unlock thematic, limited time rewards they can take back to New Eden. Rewards include ship cosmetics, boosters, and more.

How: Whovians venturing into New Eden for the first time can check out this how-to video to get up to speed on EVE’s universe and the Interstellar Convergence event.

EVE Online is known for its record-breaking intergalactic battles, making Doctor Who a perfect match for the iconic spaceship MMO.

EVE Online has seen record growth over the course of 18 years, reaching more than 24 million active users in 2021. CCP recently overhauled EVE’s new player experience, making it a perfect time for Whovians to warp into New Eden for the first time.