Today, Ghost Ship Games and Coffee Stain Publishing have announced the award winning cooperative first-person shooter Deep Rock Galactic will launch on January 4th on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4.

The title will be available for free throughout January for those with a PlayStation Plus subscription. The PlayStation version of the title will include all content released in Deep Rock Galactic’s enormous Season 01 content update, and will enjoy the same live content schedule as its PC and Xbox counterparts. The PlayStation 5 edition will also include full Sony DualSense controller support, from touchscreen control of the Terrain Scanner to Mission Control communicating directly through the DualSense speakers.

The game has seen tremendous growth since its release from early access in May 2020, further expanding one of the most dedicated and friendliest communities across multiplayer gaming. Deep Rock Galactic has received critical acclaim, and in the last year, was nominated for a BAFTA in the Multiplayer category, as well as winning two SXSW Awards for Indie Game of the Year and Excellence in Multiplayer.

In Deep Rock Galactic, players are one of four different classes of dwarf miners working on the inhospitable but lucrative planet, Hoxxes IV. Working as either the Driller, the Scout, the Engineer or the Gunner, they must navigate the complex terrain of underground caverns, excavating valuable minerals from the planet, stealing alien eggs and fighting off enemies to escape with their horde — and lives — intact. There are tonnes of different missions, biomes and challenges to keep Dwarves on their toes, and more continue to be added with every update.

Commenting on the announcement, Søren Lundgaard, CEO and co-founder of Ghost Ship Games said: “Our community of industrious dwarves has continued to grow well beyond our expectations, and we can’t wait to welcome the PlayStation community into the mines! PlayStation Plus has a long and glowing history of offering incredible games, and we are honoured to join the ranks of these titles. Rock and Stone!”

The game’s latest update Season 01: Rival Incursion launched in October, with a free Performance Pass bringing players 100 levels of unlocks and seasonal rewards, including a bounty of cosmetics and weapons. Another season and Performance Pass has been confirmed, and is set to be released in Spring 2022.

Deep Rock Galactic available on Steam and Xbox, and will launch on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 on January 4th 2022.