Tapioca Games, announces a new trailer of Welcome to Empyreum, a local co-op party game for up to 4 players, in which you will have to clean and tidy the different floors of a hotel with mechanics going from daily chores like make the bed or vacuum the floor, to crazy ones like caring for alien babies, scaring ghosts away, fumigate carnivorous plants or feed jelly to gummy bears.

Also, Tapioca Games announces that Welcome to Empyreum has now a Steam page and is available for Wishlist.

The title is coming 2022 to PC, PS4 and PS5.

The better the team’s coordination and communication is, the cleaner the rooms will be, and the customers will be happier. At the end of each floor, the team will face a VIP Client as a final boss.

Tommy, a narcissist influencer, Miriam, a desperate mom, Elisabeth, a lucky girl and Apolo, a depressed musician arrive at Empyreum Hotel, a haunted place that takes what they value the most. To get it back, they must work there, doing all the hotel’s chores floor by floor until they reach to the hotel’s manager office, Beatriz. Welcome to Empyreum brings the best from party games to a unique setting for the genre: a very special Hotel where the craziest happens.