Today, micro-studio 3-Fold Games announces its first-person narrative game, Before I Forget, is coming to Nintendo Switch, Xbox One & Xbox Series on April 29th.

Developed with support from medical professionals at Gaming the Mind, Before I Forget is a short exploration game about dementia, where players are invited to experience the world through the eyes of Sunita - a brilliant woman with early onset Alzheimer's. In this BAFTA-nominated experience, players interact with objects to uncover the mystery of Sunita's past, navigate her unravelling world, and piece together the remnants of a life well lived.

The announcement comes with an Official Console Trailer. Pre-orders are available for all platforms from 2pm BST today. [Continues below]

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Before I Forget first debuted in 2020 as part of the Humble Originals line-up, followed by a successful launch on Steam/ In 2021, the game was nominated for a Game Beyond Entertainment BAFTA.

By expanding to console platforms, 3-Fold Games co-founders Chella Ramanan and Claire Morwood explain, the developers hope to bring the message of Before I Forget to even wider audiences:

"We are both interested in exploring the possibilities of what games can be, what stories they tell and how they tell them. Before I Forget is a niche, narrative game about an older, Indian woman with dementia, so to share space with amazing AAA experiences means players we may not normally reach can enjoy a moment with Sunita."

Helping the 3-Fold team bring this acclaimed indie gem to new platforms are independent games distributors, Plug-In Digital. [Continues below]

A woman is in her house, alone. Her mind holds a mystery...

Wandering from room to room, players discover mysterious objects, each holding a fleeting, fragmented memory. Examine faded postcards, scribbled notes, photographs, and more to uncover Sunita’s past, reveal her life-story, understand her present.


Short & Bittersweet. A lovingly-crafted narrative experience, designed to be played in one sitting & with an average playtime of 1 hour.
Beyond Entertainment. Explore the impact of dementia in a powerful BAFTA-nominated first person experience, built in collaboration with medical experts.

Story-Rich. Sunita's house is a treasure trove of faded memories, taking players on a profound emotional journey through a unique human life.

Vocal Talent. A vivid cast of voice actors brings Sunita and her memories to life, including Anjali Kunapaneni and Bushra Laskar.

Original Soundtrack. Emotive piano melodies guide you through Sunita’s internal and external worlds, with an all-original score from composer Dave Tucker.