PQube and Cool Scooter Software are excited to present an unprecedented look into the trials and tribulations of bananas in space with physics simulator International Space Banana, probably coming to Steam at some point.

Experience the unique frustrations of controlling a banana in zero-gravity
Navigate 8 levels riddled with doors, crates, spinny things and other space-junk
Figure out how to stop being a banana
Use your curves to spin, bounce and struggle in an attempt to control esoteric circumstances beyond your comprehension
Ponder troubling existential questions as commentary drives you to the brink
Coming to Steam basically whenever

Check out the International Space Banana trailer:

Take control of aerospace scientist turned banana as you attempt to retrace your steps across 8 unique, punishing levels through this seemingly abandoned space station.

"Flight" your way through various obstacles from floating crates to spinny things, plus doors and buttons, which would be fine if you had hands to operate them... but you don't, so there's that. International Space Banana features painfully accurate physics simulations, battle against the seemingly endless impossibility of the trajectory of curved objects moving in zero-gravity.

As though life as a banana in space isn't rough enough, add insult to injury as you attempt to take on the most basic of tasks such as passing through automatic doorways before they close, problem solving your way through (not very) complex obstacle courses and more.

All you really have to do is generate enough applied force to worm your way through a maze of literal junk. Don't even worry about drag because you know, it's space, so that's one less mountain to climb, just get yourself to the control station.
It really could not be simpler.

The space station is abandoned, you're on your own, just you, yourself and the sound of your own voice. Featuring hundreds of lines of bizarre, witty, and frankly unhinged dialogue, contemplate existential questions as you consider (and at times, revel in) your new life as a banana in space.

Will you find out what went wrong? You'll try. Are you destined to remain fruit forever? That just seems impractical honestly, so I hope not.

Zero-Gravity Physics Simulator International Space Banana Launching on Steam Imminently

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