Caesars Slots, one of the top free-to-play social casino games in the world, has announced the launch of a slot game designed specifically for your pet feline!

The launch of Caesars for Cats was announced via a YouTube promo, showing a bored pet cat stuck at home getting the chance to play the new game, spinning wheels featuring cans of tuna, balls of yarn, and comfy cushions!

According to the promo video, Caesars for Cats is “the world’s first and only digital entertainment platform designed specifically for felines. Every aspect of the interface has been redesigned to accommodate a cat’s unique physiology”.

The new game has been devised as a way for owners to share the special Caesars Slots experience with their beloved pets who may need some excitement in their lives.

Cats long for excitement

Caesars for Cats makes the case that cats deserve digital entertainment too! The promo video shows an adorable pet cat, sitting on the sofa whilst their owner plays Caesars Slots on their mobile phone. The cat is left imagining a variety of dream excursions and adventures with their owner, including a shared bike ride, musical duet, and even a mountaineering expedition!

Alas, the scene snaps back to the cat who hasn’t left home at all but is just daydreaming!

Now, with the launch of Caesars for Cats, digital entertainment and play doesn’t have to be limited to humans within households!

A game for animal lovers worldwide

Caesars also includes options for players who don’t have their own pet, with its own virtual pet feature.

So, for players fortunate enough to have a pet cat, Caesars for Cats is a unique innovation. But for players who aren’t quite at the stage of owning a pet, Caesars provides opportunities for people to try keeping a purely virtual pet!

Cat gets to grip with the new Caesars for Cats interface.

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Photo credit: Caesars Slots