Pearl Abyss announced today that its new hero action battle royale game Shadow Arena is in development for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Shadow Arena that is currently in Early Access on Steam will also receive a new hero today via a free content update.

Gorgath is Shadow Arena’s 12th hero and an alchemist who summons rocks to attack enemies and defend his position. He has the choice of long range flying rock attacks as well as shorter range AOE attacks. His primary skill, Earth Alchemy Stone can blow enemies away with Earth’s power and will damage them again with an additional explosion.

With Forbidden Alchemy he can produce random items like consumables, armor and weaponry, with higher grade items coming available when growing this skill during a match.

Gorgath’s most devastating skill is Rockwind, a rock filled hurricane that damages all the enemies around him and adds a 10 second defensive buff.

In addition, the current game systems have been improved upon by separating the tiers and ranking system. Tier points can now be earned after every match and the points decide the player’s tier. Now players will have a better sense of progression when playing Shadow Arena.

About Shadow Arena
Shadow Arena pits 40 players against each other in a ruthless fight to be the last person standing on the battlefield. Players can choose from eleven playable characters, each with their own unique fighting style. To climb to the top of the pack, players must slay monsters and collect loot to upgrade their gear and gain buffs. However, impeccable skill execution and well-timed evasive tactics are critical in securing victory.