Update 1.4.1 Yesterday Update 1.4.1 released on PC and brought the long-awaited PvE Trials Mode and Dual Wielding. In the Trials Mode, you will be able to complete a variety of challenges ranging from sniper challenges, wave challenges to parkour challenges which earn you stars that can be used to unlock exclusive rewards. Dual Wielding automatically unlocks at level 1 and allows you to equip and use two handguns at the same time. We also have added a new trait Ambidextrous that makes reloading matched pairs faster and adds custom clip reloads for semi-auto pistol sets.

Next week Monday, July 29th, 15:00 CEST is the start of our very first Twitch Drops campaign! You will be able to earn exclusive rewards like Legendary Weapons and Legendary Hunter Billy Story by watching the participating broadcasters. Go to www.huntshowdown.com/twitchdrops to link your account. It doesn't matter if you play Hunt on PC, Xbox or PS4, everyone can participate.