Update 2 for DOOM Eternal is now live, and features a new BATTLEMODE map Torment, more frequent Empowered Demons, campaign & BATTLEMODE quality-of-life improvements, fixes and more!

Note from the Devs:

On behalf of everyone at id, I want to thank our incredible community of players for the time and passion you’ve already invested in DOOM Eternal. As always, your videos, analysis, feedback and skill continue to inspire us. Looking back to earlier this year, I never would have believed our team would spend the first three months after launch working entirely from our homes, but I’m excited by all that is being accomplished under these unusual circumstances.

This Update 2 delivers a number of important additions, fixes and improvements. First, we’re thrilled to release a totally new BATTLEMODE map, called Torment. It’s already become a favorite of the team at id and we can’t wait to watch BATTLEMODE players adapt their skills and strategies for this incredible new space. Also notable for BATTLEMODE, we’ve added the ability to setup unique keybinds per demon, improved the usability of the Boosters menu, and made additional improvements to address latency issues.

Outside of BATTLEMODE, other highlights include an update to empowered demons that ensures they appear more frequently throughout the campaign. We’ve also included a number of improvements to make the customization menus easier to use, including a new “favorite” feature for customization items, as well as the ability to identify the set any given customization item originates from.

These are just a few of the many features, improvements and fixes included in Update 2, so please check out the complete list of changes in the release notes.

In addition to the recent game updates, our team is also hard at work on two campaign DLCs, Invasion Mode, new Master Level experiences, additional BATTLEMODE updates, and the Nintendo Switch version alongside our talented partners at Panic Button. We can’t wait to share more details with you about each of these in the months ahead. Thank you all again for your support and enthusiasm.

-Marty Stratton, Executive Producer

Torment is an all new BATTLEMODE Arena available now. The UAC fled this outpost after the Slayer prevented Hell’s invasion of Earth. The Titans, once used as research specimens, remain eternal prisoners of this unholy excavation.

CASTLE GRAYSCALE MINI-EVENT IS NOW LIVE featuring the Black & White Pain Elemental, Mancubus, the "Old Timey Evil" GIBBO Collectibles mascot icon and so much more!

HACK TO THE FUTURE II EVENT COMING SOON featuring the literal blast from the past Retro Revenant Master Collection. His new podium goes from Classic, featuring some tried and true retro textures, to the ultimate display of 2D sprite flexing IDKFA podium to flaunt your love for the classics. When this baby hits 88 frames per second, you're gonna see some serious sh*t!

Even More Empowered Demons will be busting into your campaign for an added challenge! These buffed baddies have more health and will take more firepower to take down, but will also yield more armor & ammo when killed. Toggle Empowered Demons ON/OFF in the Game tab of the Main Menu Options.

BATTLEMODE Latency Improvements We made a number of improvements to address latency issues in BATTLEMODE to ensure better matches. This is part of our ongoing latency improvements that we plan to support in more updates.

Boosters Menu Improvements We have made it easier than ever to both view and claim XP through several changes made to the Boosters menu. Make sure to always have three players selected at all times to maxamize the amount of free XP you can passively earn through their playing campaign and BATTLEMODE. Keep in mind you can switch which players to elect to be your active Boosters roster at any time in the Boosters menu.

And much more! Check out the trailer for all the details!