Developers One More Level Games, 3D Realms, Slipgate Ironworks™ and publishers All in! Games and 505 Games, reveal new enemies, areas and abilities in Ghostrunner, the first-person cyberpunk parkour action game. Ghostrunner launches in 2020 on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Ascend Dharma Tower with a blade in hand to discover the truth behind humanity’s downfall. The new trailer demonstrates some of the titular Ghostrunner’s abilities learned in the Cybervoid: send attackers to their doom with concentrated Tempest air-blasts, or use Blink for a shield-shattering fatal strike.

Evade dangerous Drones patrolling the neon-hued Dharma City, or catch them unaware by leaping onto them and glide across rooftops. Stay vigilant and vertical to avoid the wide energy beams blasted by Wavers, deadly bipedal robots.

Soar from rooftop to rooftop in Dharma City, an urban metropolis above the lowest level of Dharma Tower, the industrial district known as the Base.

Enter the Cybervoid, a visual representation of Dharma Tower’s internal network to hack systems and learn new abilities in a digital dojo.

New Enemies and abilities:

Dive behind shielded Enforcers and strike them from behind.

Mount robotic Drones to glide across chasms, using the explosion of their crash to take out other attackers.

Leap and take advantage of the Ghostrunner’s vertical prowess to avoid the wide energy beams shot by Wavers, destructive bipedal robots.

Drive back attackers, sending them to their doom with the Tempest ability.

Unleash shield-shattering killing blows in an instant with the Blink ability.