Astral Space Grand Master will finally be playable in-game from today. This is the challenge SSKOTZ players have been building up to and we don’t expect it to disappoint! Start at easy, work your way through normal, elite will provide one of your sternest tests yet — and expert may just break you; with some serious cosmic skills required to make it through the final level.

This month players saw the return of 8th Sense of the Gold Saints Virgo Shaka, Arayashiki Shaka — with strong abilities to purify and counterattack. As well as the addition of mighty warrior, Lyra Orphee, the Silver Saint with cosmo that eclipses even that of the Gold Saints. Finally, as the banner of Specter Summon comes to an end we can announce that — from today — the themed summon will be Devin Cloth Shiryu. The chance to summon him being doubled until Tuesday, June 2.

On top of that, be prepared to get very stoked indeed for Mt. Goroho – a new New PvP mode, in 6 + 1 assist style. This is a wheel battle game; with two sides each sending two teams into battle. When one side’s Saints are vanquished, the remaining Saints can be called upon to try and turn the tables.Finally, don’t forget the ever-popular Fortune Cat Events — starting next Monday June 1, and lasting a full week.

Burn your cosmo, Saints!