A vast number of skill combinations, rewarding tactical decision-making and beautiful setting connect Tears of Avia's dynamic story segments.

To give you a better idea of what the turn-based strategy RPG looks like in action, PQube and developer CooCooSqueaky are excited to share a new Gameplay Trailer today:

Tears of Avia releases later this summer for PC on Steam and Xbox One!

Assemble your party

No matter if you prefer the classic composition of warrior, ranger, mage and healer or like to experiment: Tears of Avia let's you decide on your own party!

Explore the beautiful world of Estera your way; deciding on the amount of offensive, defensive and support power your group has.

Skills and combos

Mix and match over 100 skills, distributed among the unique character trees and all weapons in the game.

Discover how skills combine and react to one another. Well-timed and powerful chains can turn the tables of any fight!

Get your party ready and explore the world of Tears of Avia, later this Summer on PC and Xbox One!

Check out #TearsOfAvia and @TearsOfAvia on Twitter and the official homepage: http://coocoosqueaky.com/TearsOfAvia/

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