The Blind Prophet is out now on PC! We are thrilled to announce that The Blind Prophet is available now worldwide on Steam, with GOG platform seeing its version on the February 6th, 2020. This hand-drawn piece of art came a long way from its Kickstarter campaign, where it raised 130% of required funding. If you're into Point & Click adventure games, you simply couldn't go wrong with it.

To mark this occasion, we prepared a launch trailer. It perfectly shows the mood presented in the game. You can watch below.

The Blind Prophet features:

Traditional Point & Click mechanics,
Mind-bending puzzles,
A world full of charismatic characters, ready to talk and interact with,
Ethical choices to personalize discussions,
Comic art style cinematics,
A strong storyline about philosophy, redemption and moral struggle.

When the hottest lunch period is over, we will start converting The Blind Prophet to Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, macOS, Android, and iOS. These versions will be released at a later date, and we will keep you informed about the progress in development.