7 Bones and 7 Stones - The Ritual is an asymmetrical (4v1) multiplayer game set in an East European medieval fantasy realm, called Vayandor.

One player takes the role of a powerful monster that hunts all other four villager players that try to survive while completing an ancient ritual.

The monster uses his unique trait and special abilities to hunt down the scared villagers in an attempt to prevent the ritual from ever completing. The villagers search the forest for ancient ritual stones while trying to run and hide from the monster.

Game Features

Play action packed matches that create unique and fun gameplay moments and experiences.
Choose either a MOBA like controls by playing as a Monster that feels similar to a hero/champion or play in a team of villagers for a cooperative and survival experience.
Earn Experience Points by performing well during matches and use those points to buy gameplay boosters in the Character Inventory menu.
Customize your looks and use everything the game has to offer to express yourself during the game.
Enter an East - European fantasy medieval world and get immersed by the beautiful production and art direction.