Hotly-anticipated You Will Die Here Tonight launches today in a love letter to ‘90s survival horror games. Seamlessly transition from top-down exploration into pulse-pounding first-person combat against the black science horrors of Breckenridge Estate. The debut title from Spiral Bound Interactive arrives on Steam for $19.96 USD, or £16.75 with an offer reducing the price to £13.40 until the 7th of November.

Enter Breckenridge Estate as ARIES Division, a six-person team searching for a savage killer. Solve puzzles. Scavenge supplies. Upgrade your equipment. Survive the hellish occupants of Breckenridge Estate and when running is no longer an option, seamlessly switch to fully 3D first-person combat, take aim, and pray you don't miss!

You will die here tonight–but what you leave behind for the surviving members of your team is up to you.


Dual Retro Aesthetics - Pre-rendered top-down exploration gives way to pulse-pounding 90s arcade first-person combat against unrelenting foes.

You Will Die Here - Death is inevitable, but what you leave behind for the rest of your team is up to you. Will you leave the survivors with enough resources, half-solved puzzles and open routes–or will you join the undead hordes rending their flesh?

Six Unique Victims - Command the ARIES Division: six characters with distinct skills, motives, and destinies shaped by your choices.

House of Horror - Unravel the tragic and sinister secrets of the long-forgotten Breckenridge Estate, where danger lurks behind every door and a savage murderer monitors your every move.