There aren’t enough games featuring cats or blind people. Now we have both in the same package! Another Sight presents a blend of steampunk adventure with a blind protagonist trying to find home while being aided by a stray cat. This is a charming and heartfelt concept which shows a dynamic approach to gameplay featuring disability. Can it live up to expectations?
Let’s find out.

Another Sight has players take on the role of young teenager named Kit, who’s been blinded by a traumatic event. Waking up in a surrealistic and broken world, our young protagonist discovers she is far away from home and her father. He ventures into the deep underground to find a way home and along the way makes a new friend. The stray cat ventures with Kit as they discover a beautifully wondrous yet decaying underworld.

As the pair traverse deeper and deeper into this unknown and fascinating underworld, they meet plenty of major historical figures who all play vital roles in the overall plot. Among them are the likes of Claude Monet, Nikola Tesla, and Helena Blavatsky. There are some compelling notes within the narrative that give more depth and substance to the surrealistic tones of Victorian London.

Plus the relationship between Kit and her friendly feline companion is genuinely sweet and you can feel the strong bound between the two.

The premise and game world are the most interesting aspects of the game overall. Another Sight does an excellent job at crafting a beautiful and mysterious Steampunk inspired world that’s elegant in design, enjoyable to explore even throws in some extremely weird moments in the story and environment to offset the tone from time to time. All executed well enough.

Another Sight’s main focus for gameplay is puzzle based which spans from simple traversal to complex set pieces that require multiple actions between Kit and the trusty feline companion.

Kit impaired sight means her movement is extremely limited and by using the cat, the player is able to guide Kit through the various environments safely. Traversing over traps and other obstacles requires great patience and timing which can be challenging for the wrong reason at times.

The controls themselves are particularly tank like with jumps feeling extremely stiff and even to miss the ledge by a centimetre will certainly mean failure or death. Thus, players will have to often repeat the same action over and over. This is also present in the simple interactions between Kit and the cat, as you’ll both cover the same ground and over and over in order to complete a bigger puzzle.

It can be a little tedious and often some puzzles require multiple trips back and forth, switching between two characters. Made even more annoying due to Kit’s slow movement without the Cat and the Cat itself being unable to perform certain platforming actions.

Another Sight has ambitious ideas but sadly falls short of delivering them. While the game world itself is visually impressive and the dynamic of guiding a blind girl with a friendly cat is awesome, there are problems. The clunky controls, repetition and lack of lack of threat do make Another Sight a rather tedious journey at times. Still compelling but needed more tweaks and refinements to make it something much more memorable.