Feline lovers rejoice; we have a new game for you lot to enjoy! Cat Quest is the latest in the RPG genre that focuses on cute felines battling the forces of evil with plenty of dragons and catnip. But can Cat Quest live up to the many wonderful RPG’s that have graced consoles this year alone?

Well let’s see and get ready for many, many cat related puns.

Cat Quest is an adorable RPG that revolves around a fantasy kingdom filled with feline heroes and awesome cat related lore. There has been peace within the kingdom for a 100 years until a great evil comes forth as mighty dragons have returned to destroy everything in their path. We take on the role of a nameless young feline warrior who washes up on shore after his boat is attacked. The culprit is an evil warlock known as Drakoth who has also kidnapped your sister or Catnapped in other words (pun +1). It’s up to you and a friendly spirit to save the day, defeat the dragons and save your sister.

Cat quest is an isometric, action adventure game where players will explore a large, open world where players will have to battle a number of dragons to save the day. The world is filled with plenty of dungeons, towns and cities where you can engage with the main quest or various side missions to earn extra rewards. Players will start off on the south side of the kingdom and work their way up to the north as they progress. Our feline warrior can choose from an arrangement of melee weapons and cast various magic attacks that range from ice walls to spouting fire from the ground. You can defeat enemies for XP, explore dungeons for vital loot and complete quests for gold. Gold can help you upgrade one of the 8 magic attacks you can choose from, strengthening your attacks for the tougher enemies up north.

There’s plenty to do within the beautiful looking kingdom including an abundance of side quests, dungeons and ruins to explore. Side quests usually have an interesting story behind them while being layered to help you develop your skills as a warrior. You can expect to see a large mission broken up into three or four parts with each segment requiring certain actions to be performed. But most side quests tend to full under the generic fetch quest formula, with the same outcome of an enemy ambush or someone you though was an ally turning into an enemy. There also seems to be a trend with side quests jumping the suggested rank quite a bit after completion, meaning you’ll often go off to level up and forget about the mission. There’s no form of quest tracker, quest menu or even useful options on the map. The map becomes a little impractical as you can’t scan the whole area, zoom in or out or even put your own tracker in a location you want to highlight. I understand the map is nowhere near as big a Skyrim but it would’ve been useful none the less.

It’s also a shame that many of the missions don’t offer unique locations or dungeons to explore, often pushing you into dungeons and ruins you’ve properly explored prior to the side quest or mission. But I did enjoy the sense of progression and obtaining certain powers allowing you to walk on water or fly, opened new areas of exploration. While Cat Quest grants plenty of entertaining combat situations with some lateral elements to break up all the fighting, it could’ve developed the dungeons a little more.

There were only a couple of dungeons that changed the layout with environment hazards rather than using groups of enemies. Despite these couple of issues, Cat Quest was highly gripping even with it small scale. The game immerses you gently into the world, teaching you mechanics in a short period and letting you roam to do as you please. There’s a gripping nature to the Cat Quest, mostly due to its sense of progression that feels meaningful and pure, without any form of grinding. The pacing is steady throughout and you’ll feel the impact you have while you level up.

Cat Quest is none the less highly enjoyable and the main quest is gripping with the dragon battles and the story with actually takes a few neat twists. Cat Quest is very adorable, very engaging and thoughtfully rewarding despite its few short comings. There’s plenty to explore from the ruins, dungeons and finding neat secrets that offer new, powerful abilities or even pirate booty! It’s truly pawsome! (Pun +1)

++ Beautiful and detailed gameworld
+ Simple, yet engaging RPG elements
+ Entertaining combat and exploration
+ Cat puns
- Lack of diverse dungeon layouts
- Mission structure often repeat
- Lack of mission tracker or functions on map

A PS4 review copy of Cat Quest was provided by the publisher for the purpose of this review