Comic books are timeless and PC games are just amazing. These are facts. Therefore, you can imagine just how amazing a PC game based on a comic book is. We talk of the graphics, the gameplay as well the general game features.

Comic books have a narrative that is just amazing, and when you mix that that with PC games it just becomes a masterpiece.

As such today, we look at such masterpieces. The best PC games that are based on the best comic book characters of all times.

PC Games Based on Comic Books
Wouldn’t it amazing if there was a PC game about casinojoka games. But wait, aren’t online casino games in a category of their own? Anyways, let’s look at the best PC games that are based on comics and leave online casino games out for now.

Batman: Arkham City
The Batman comic books are part of the best in the world. As such, it no shock that we have all those comic books wrapped up into one amazing PC game.

DC Studios gave a license to Rocksteady Studios for the creation of the Batman PC games. As such, today Batman: Arkham City is one of the best PC games based on a comic book.

Telltale’s The Walking Dead
The Walking Dead has a great TV series and an even greater comic book as well. Now, we have The Walking Dead as part of the best PC games based on comic books.

What makes the PC game so amazing is that it’s part of The Walking Dead but not exactly part of The Walking Dead. What do we mean? While the PC game fits perfectly into the storyline of The Walking Dead but the characters are different from the TV series as well as from the comic book.

Yet it is all these differences that make Telltale’s’ The Walking Dead such a great PC game to play.