The Doom Slayer is back and he's raising Hell in the hotly anticipated sequel to the fantastic DOOM 2016. It's great news as DOOM Eternal was previously delayed for a few months, but an awesome new trailer has just dropped and will be enough to keep us going until March 20th.

The trailer features the armies of Hell coming to Earth, the armies of Heaven coming to clean up the mess and the one, the only Doom Slayer coming in to join the party. Everything looks epic with new enemies, a massive world or two to explore and conquer with plenty of guns and gadgets to make this one Hell of a game.

DOOM Eternal releases for Xbox One, PS4, and Pc on March 20th and for those who preorder, they will be rewarded with the legendary DOOM 64 as a bonus. Check out the trailer below and get ready to Raze some Hell!