So up next was Bethesda and they always aim to hold a spectacular show ad hundreds of diehard fans flock to see the latest on Fallout, Doom and other titles. This year had some great surprises but little on gameplay footage for new IPs. Saying that, some games which have been revealed at E3 have been released only a few months later on. Look at Dishonored 2 and The Evil Within 2.

Yet there was plenty to see and we have a breakdown of our favourite parts from Bethesda at E3 2019.

DOOM Eternal

Okay, we are so hyped for DOOM Eternal and it could be another game of the year at Game-News, if it plays its cards right. Both Creative director Martin Hugo and Producer Marty Freeman came to the stage to announce DOOM Eternal will arrive on 22nd of November 2019. Great news as it’s nearing ever closer! We saw some gameplay footage, story trailer and a look at a new game mode (called Battlemode) for multiplayer which pits two players taking on the roles of Demons against one player who’s the Doom Slayer. Looks very interesting and the game itself looked incredible!!!

Check out the trailer below to see more!

Wolfenstein: Young Bloods

Another instalment of the Nazi killing franchise is here and this time, you can play with a friend! Wolfenstein: Young Bloods is set two decades after The New Colossus and stars BJ’s twin daughters, who are now looking for their missing father. Expect plenty of blood, guts and a strange version of the 80’s in this upcoming epic shooter. Releasing on 26th July 2019 and best of all, players can buy a copy and invite a friend to play for free!

New game from Tango Software, developers of The Evil Within

Great news as a new IP is coming from the studio that brought us the excellent The Evil Within. The new game from Tango is called Ghostwire: Tokyo and is going in a different direction compared to the survival horror titles brought to us before. This was described by the creative director as an action/adventure with paranormal elements, Ghostwire: Tokyo was revealed with a creepy trailer that saw people disappearing and a masked individual fighting a supernatural force. It looked creepy and we can’t wait to see more, yet no gameplay footage was shown. Still I’m sure we’ll see more very soon!

New game from Arkane Studios

The studio behind Dishonored and Prey are bringing us a new IP known as Deathloop! It’s a mysterious game that appears to be focused on a player (or players) repeating the same day over and over, fighting one another until they die or survive long enough to win. We don’t really know much else other than speculation but it looks very interesting and we’re keen to find out more!

Updates for Fallout 76 coming including new Battle Royale mode

Now, let’s be fair and say that Fallout 76 did not launch that well last year. This has been acknowledged by Todd Howard himself (lead designer and director at Bethesda Gameworks). He has promised new updates are coming and from the looks of things, there’s potential that Fallout 76 could become a strong MMO on the market. It’s now bringing in human NPCs (a main complaint from us and others) and fixing a load of the bugs which have plagued the game since day one. Plus an expansion which is coming later this year and a new Battle Royale mode for those who like a little more chaos and mayhem in their Fallout experience. It’s apparent that Bethesda has listened and now we’re seeing them clean up Fallout 76. They are working hard to fix up the game and with some time and investment, Fallout 76 could shape up to be a pretty decent MMO like Elder Scrolls Online.

That’s our top picks from Bethesda’s E3 Conference but there is more to check out. You can watch the entire conference on Youtube, otherwise stay tuned for more news right here, on Game-News.