A story-driven turn-based tactical RPG to be released at the end of the year.

Super.com​, a video game publisher, proudly announces a brand new ​teaser trailer​ of ​Broken Lines​, a story-driven turn-based tactical RPG by PortaPlay. Set in World War 2, ​Broken Lines tells the story of a group of allied forces that have crash-landed behind enemy lines, deep in Eastern Europe. With the chain of command broken and no intel about their surroundings, this ragtag band of soldiers face a desperate fight to stay alive.

The all-new teaser trailer introduces one of the eight main characters of Broken Lines​, Rosie Connor. In it, we see what her upbringing was like and how it influenced her as she grew up. All of this will be vital as players will need to know the intimate details of the squad members if they are to succeed in guiding them to survival.

“​June the 6th marks the 75th anniversary of the Normandy Landings, and on this day alone, over 4000 allied soldiers gave their lives for the freedom of Europe. With so many people giving up their lives in just a single day, we wanted to release our trailer today to remind everyone that behind every soldier there is a person with their own unique reason to fight​,” says​ ​Hans von Knut Skovfoged, Creative Director​ ​at PortaPlay.

About Broken Lines
Broken Lines is a story-driven turn-based tactical RPG, told from the perspective of the eight individual characters. Take control of this mismatched group of soldiers, who have just crash-landed behind enemy lines, and balance the needs of disillusioned veterans and eager young recruits as you guide them forward.
Every decision you make will have real consequences on the survival of the squad. If you are careful survival is your reward; if you are careless, the consequences are death and desertion.
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