MCM London 2019 again proved to be an amazing event that's fun for all the family. MCM is aimed at celebrating pop cult, geek cult, superheroes, video games, anime and more and does so with flawless execution. There was everything here you could wish for, from stalls selling the hottest toys, comics and must have accessories to Gaming booths where you could try the latest VR games such as the Doctor Who VR Experience, DOOM VRF, try out all the wonderful Japanese food including some awesome sweets and drinks and so much more.

MCM London has proved itself at hosting an incredible gathering of creativity, togetherness and showing that everyone can take part no matter who they are. Cosplayers were in full bloom as many took on the roles of their favourite video game icons, superheroes and movie legends.

Sony had a major presence at MCm this year, promoting their VR experiences and showcasing their new games including Blood and Truth. Brought to us by the same developers behind London Heist and the legendary Getaway series. This is a brutal tale of cops and robbers, the criminal underworld at it's most darkest and gangsters shooting up one another in over the top London accents (even though it's kind of true). Blood and Truth looked amazing and it was great to see how the team behind the London Heist advanced the idea and made it a compelling VR experience.

Guest speakers were welcomed to come along and discuss a number of topics for upcoming events to more serious discussions such as building confidence as a cosplayer. The highlight for Friday was seeing Nolan North and Troy Baker sit on a sofa and discuss a number of topics such as Game of Thrones, tackling Social Media abuse and just general banter which was pretty funny!

The Winter Soldier himself was there too in person, with excited fans waiting for hours to see him at a live panel. It was a shame MCM organisers didn't use one of the vacant halls to have the live panel as it would've been nice for more fans to see him there!

MCM is filled to the brim with stalls featuring collectable loot, sweets from across the seas and everything to get new cosplayers started on their attire.

There was no one popular cosplay (normally year by year there is one character who appears throughout, like 2016 saw hundreds of Harley Quinns from Suicide Squad) but instead a nice healthy mix of hundreds of different characters. Some known very well like Deadpool and others now so much. You can check out our photos below and see what great cosplays there were.

Check out our photos over the long weekend and see our favourites including Maid Thanos (this should be a thing!), Spawn and Predator, Gundamn Mech and so many more cosplays which were totally awesome!