We had a super awesome surprise at MCM this year! Well we knew these guys were around but lucky fans managed to see the legendary Troy Baker and Nolan North sit on a comfy sofa and have a good old chat.

These guys were amazing to watch and held some deep conversations, mainly about Game of Thrones, their time working on Uncharted and super high class banter which was hilarious. But both voice actors also discussed more serious issues such as the misuse of social media, the impact negativity has on younger people and more importantly how to cope with it. It was truly amazing to see both Troy and Nolan speak their minds on such a delicate topic and how well they handled it. Judging from the applause and cheering from the fans, it struck the right notes.

Plus we saw both these guys just having a great time and making sure the fans were happy. Troy Baker and Nolan North have their own podcast where they play classic and new games together. It seems that Nolan North has never played Uncharted 2 and Troy wants to make sure these changes. Plus there might be a few scary game/horror VR titles for Nolan to play (he hates them apparently).

You can check out the video below with a segment of their discussion and check out their podcasts for great content featuring these two playing great games!