As a universal part of human collective and cross-culture experience, games have been around since the beginning of time. They help polish intellect, sharpen up wits or simply keep spirits high. Irrespective of their form, games have always had the same purpose – help people have fun.

Stemming out through sport games as the elementary form, games grew in types, rules, skills and tools required to make a giant leap in modern civilisation. Changes in gaming elements have coincided with the technological growth and gaming today represents a wholesome industry with unimaginable potential – both from the entertainment and financial point of view.

And as the world of gaming – as far as the video and online forms are concerned at least – continues to evolve beyond recognition, there is a certain game type which continues to defy time. You read it in the title already – it’s the Wheel of Fortune.

A concept developed and created by Merv Griffin in 1975 in America, Wheel of Fortune was considered a breakthrough gaming form which combined the elements of several different games blended into one.

A firm testament to the undying popularity of the game is the fact Wheel of Fortune remains the longest-running game show in the United States. The Wheel crossed the pond in 1988 but the United Kingdom version of the game never quite reached the heights of its American peer due to limitations to the financial value of the game imposed by the Independent Television Commission.

As a combination of word puzzle and a roulette-styled wheel mechanism with 24 spaces filled with cash amounts of different value (and bankruptcy fields as well), the American Wheel of Fortune brought the element excitement to a whole new level. It also brought popularity and fame to both hosts and contestants alike. Vanna White remains the most storied co-host of the game show whereas the original host of the game was Chuck Woolery.

Like most of the games around, Wheel of Fortune evolved as well and was not immune to the technological advancements. In its case, however, the tech progress only opened an endless world of possibilities.

Wheel of Fortune hit the gaming consoles ten years after its TV debut and, together with jeopardy! is available today for many types of gaming consoles such as Nintendo Switch, Xbox One or PS4. Critics did not pull any punches with their assessments of the games, however, but there is a particular type of the Wheel of Fortune game that only gets better and better with time – the online gaming one.

It needs to be noted that the online gaming scene has benefited vastly from Wheel of Fortune styled games. The likes of Evolution Gaming’s Dream Catcher for instance grew to become the players’ favourite according to the authority live dealer guide and directory website

“Dream Catcher happens to be one of the most frequently visited pages on our websites which speak volumes of the growing popularity of this specialty casino game”, a Live Casinos spokesperson told us.

This critically acclaimed game features a large vertically mounted wheel – a signature asset of its TV predecessor – and is operated by a live dealer, a.k.a. host. It takes what’s best of the old world and swiftly incorporates it into the fledging new form of gaming – and gambling – live dealer.

It’s another gigantic proof of the gaming unpredictability and endless possibility.

The International Game Technology (IGT) was actually the first one to recognise the potential behind the Wheel and to license it for use in slot machines. Loosely based on the show – same as Dream Catcher – these games came in bundles and resulted in more than 200 slots created since 1996.

It should not come as a surprise to find out that Wheel has been regarded as one of the most successful branded slots of all time with over a thousand of wins exceeding $3 billion in jackpots delivered in total.

That being said, we can only guess what the wheel of time will bring to the Wheel of Fortune.