Great news everyone! The PSOne Classic MediEvil is being remastered and a new trailer is here for you lucky people. This is the remaster of the 1998 smash hit fantasy epic, staring the one eyed skeleton Knight Sir Daniel Fortesque who's been brought back from the dead to stop the evil forces of Zarok.

This remaster comes after the success of the Remastered Crash Bandicoot trilogy and the upcoming Spyro trilogy coming this November. It's great news as MediEvil only saw two games and a "sorta" remake for the PSP back in 2007. This could mean if it's a success, we'll see the sequel remastered and possibly see a new game in the series. This is just the first game being remastered which some fans have been a little disappointed about. While we would like to see the second game remastered as well, the first game was immense and pretty much like all three Crash Bandiccot games rolled into one.

It was a wondrous Tim Burton inspired fantasy epic which deserves a second chance and we can't wait. Plus, rumour has it that the MediEvil Remaster will feature original copies of both MediEvil and MediEvil 2, which is just awesome!

Below is the trailer for your viewing, so enjoy and stay tuned for more!