Great news everyone! The cult classic, ninja masterpiece, Mark of the Ninja has been remastered and is out now. Even better is that people with the original game on Xbox 360 or Steam are able to upgrade!

Mark of the Ninja Remastered has been lovingly enhanced from the original 720p release to support full 4K graphics, however, to experience the remaster in its full potential, the differences between the versions should be kept in mind.

If playing only on Nintendo Switch, while we love that the game can be played on-the-go for the first time, in portable mode the Switch is only 720p. We highly recommend playing at least some of the game on a modern television with the console docked. Even though the Switch is not capable of showing the full effort of the 4K remaster, the 1080p output available while the Switch is docked is worth checking out and looks considerably better than its original release.

Previous Owner Upgrade Path / Discount:
As a thank you to original owners of the game we have an upgrade path on specific platforms.

If you own the original game on Steam or Xbox 360*, upgrading is $4.99 USD, the same price as the original “Special Edition DLC” which is included in the remastered version

If you own the Base Game + DLC, Mark of the Ninja: Remastered is FREE for you and it will be playable October 9th.

Check out Mark of the Ninja Remastered and stay tuned for our review soon!