Libredia Entertainment GmbH, specialist in digital publishing and distribution of computer- and videogames, and developer Electro Gryphon Games announce the release of the hidden object puzzle adventure “SHAHRZAD – The Storyteller“ on European and American markets.

In the game, players join Shahrzad, Alibaba and Sinbad along their journey to save the ancient world from a looming threat. The beautifully crafted hidden object adventure is set in the mystical world of 1001 nights and features many hand painted settings, filled with challenging puzzles. More than 60 mini-games in six different categories add variety to the gameplay. The game also features an atmospheric soundtrack enhancing the oriental flair of the game.

Using skill and agility as well as an attentive playing style, while also profiting from cleverly trading items and performing combos, players can gain enough treasure and wealth to lavishly furnish their very own palace in the game.

The main features of “SHAHRZAD – The Storyteller“ are:

• Beautifully crafted images in a stunning setting of 1001 nights

• 50+ decorations of customizable treasury

• 60 different mini-games in 6 categories

• Captivating soundtrack with 10+ atmospheric songs

• Intuitive user interface and gameplay

About Libredia Entertainment GmbH

Libredia is an independent games publisher offering games of all genres on PC, consoles, smartphones and tablets. Specialized in digital publishing and distribution, Libredia always strives for innovation and high sales potential. Even though Libredia as a company has grown to an international level, we are still gamers at heart and understand our customers’ needs. The team of Libredia possesses the knowledge, the resources and the passion in sales, producing and marketing to bring games to international markets.

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