So DOOM Eternal has made its gameplay debut at Quake Con 2018 and it looked totally awesome! We loved 2016’s DOOM and we’ve been waiting for the sequel for what has felt like an age! Bethesda had one hell of a show with the likes of Rage and Quake Champions.

But we really care about DOOM Eternal more and here are 7 reasons as too why we’re hyped!

Hook, line and sinker!

Doom Guy was already a bad ass even without any guns. But now he’s equipped with new gagdets to make his deadly arsenal even more awesome. In terms of tactical manoeuvres the new “meat hook” attachment allows Doom Guy to pull himself towards any nearby enemies and again a brutal advantage via a surprise attack. This means he’ll get up close and personal in a blink of any eye while being able to move great distances within a short matter of moments.

Doom Guy has new moves

With all Hell breaking loose on Earth, the playground of destruction is massively expanded in comparison to Mars. Doom guy can now swing from overhead poles, climb various walls and can now charge his way through breakable walls. This allows players to venture into new areas, discover secret locations and gain a tactical advantage over enemies in new and dynamic ways. There’s more parkour in DOOM Eternal which is a massive step forward in the right direction, since DOOM allowed players to climb, run and be more flexible with the terrain. This all working well to increase movability in the heat of combat.

Hell on Earth!

Welcome home Doom Guy and as you can see, there’s a party just for you! The new Hell is bigger, more detailed and full or plenty of demons as players will explore and concur the remains of Earth after the Hell Invasion. We gather that Doctor Samuel Haden may have cocked things up by brining the Hell energy to Earth and looks like Doom Guy will clean up the mess again.
From what we’ve seen, Earth’s environments will be massive in comparison to the first game. It’s also interesting to see where Doom Guy will go as being set on Earth, there’s bound to be more environments to explore, different terrains to concur and plenty of wide open spaces to kill demons in. From Skyscrapers, ruined cities and more, Doom Guy will have his work cut out for him.

New, improved Doom Guy

DOOM Slayer will come with updated Armor and an arsenal of new and improved equipment in the upcoming DOOM Eternal. Some of his new tools of destruction include a shoulder mounted cannon with flamethrower, an extendable blade on his left arm (very Predator like), and a new dash ability which will make short work of walking, breakable walls and demons standing in your way! Doom Guy is faster and deadlier than ever before as he can destroy every demon in his path with an upgraded Array of guns and mods.

Hell is better with friends

Since Dark Souls, game developers have decide to punish players even more by allowing friends enter the game to ruin their day. Friends can join your game as demons whose main objective is to pretty much end you! This is most likely an optional feature which is great for those who like to be left alone, but great for players who fancy an extra level of challenge. It appears that multiple players can join a game and we’ll see if there’s anything else they bring, such as extra rewards or even be allowed to control bosses.

Old Favourites for the Ultimate Doom!

Old favourites from Doom 2 join the roster of demons in DOOM Eternal and the likes of the Pain Elemental, Archvile, and Arachnotron. There’s also a horde of new demons including the DOOM Hunter and corrupted Marauders. DOOM Eternal’s “destructible demons” system ensures you feel the impact of every bullet fired and the ripping and tearing of the demonic forces in all it’s glorious brutality.

Mick Gordon returns

The great Mick Gordon returns to compose the sound track for Doom Eternal! Need we say more?
Well that’s it and if you need even more reason to hype DOOM Enteral then I have to ask, what’s your problem buddy? Check out the gameplay reveal below and see for yourself why you should be hyping for Hell to be unleashed on Eart. There is no release date set for DOOM Eternal but we’d imagine it’ll be sometime early next year. But stay tuned for more updates on DOOM Eternal right here!