All horror fans rejoice! It’s been nearly three years since it was announced that Resident Evil 2 would be remade for the current generation, 20 years after it’s original release. Sony presented a trailer for the upcoming remake which began from the first-person view of an unfortunate rat that observes a struggle between a sheriff and a zombie. Then enters a much younger Leon S Kennedy as he witnesses the madness taking over Raccoon city. We also see Claire Redfield, Sherry, Melvin and a few nasties including Lickers.

As E3 continues this week, we've been treated to more gameplay footage of the Resident Evil 2 Remake. We can see that the game will return to the over-the-shoulder perceptive as appose to the First-Person view in RE7, feature multiple types of zombies and even brings back the Lickers and the infamous Tyrant, who's now donning a Fez hat. Nice!

From screenshots shown by Capcom, we can see the Police station has had a bit of reworking, as the main hall itself takes a very different design from the original. There's more gore, corpses and the police station is mainly bathed in darkness due to the power outages the city is experiencing. This remake could even tweak the timeline of the RE Series as it appears there are more survivors in the game when Leon first enters Raccoon City. The city streets have more debris, burning cars and zombies than the original.

We've also been given further insight into the world of Resident Evil 2 with an extended gameplay demo, straight from E3. There's plenty of awesome content on display, including a dismemberment system, intense gore, dynamic lighting and the reconstruction of key areas from the original game with new and exciting twists. Classic features return such as the inventory boxes, herbs and the captivating sense of dread, only Resident Evil could pull off. We won't ruin them for you, so check out the gameplay footage and enjoy!

We love everything we've seen so far and hope that Capcom have kept what made the original game great but added in enough new elements to make it a unique instalment, like the remake of Resident Evil 1.

Resident Evil 2 Remake comes out January 25th on Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Stay tuned for more news and check out the gameplay footage below.