It’s official, The Doom Slayer is back!

Bethesda revealed at their E3 press event that a sequel to their 2016 smash hit Doom was coming sooner than expected. The teaser trailer dropped at the press event and was met with cheers from egger fans to see the continuation of this successful reboot. Doom left us with a cliff hanger and a tease that all Hell would again break loose and it appears this has come true.

We see the Doom Slayer venture through a war-torn city where demons and the legions of Hell have taken over, killing everything in their paths and the Doom Slayer being the only hope. We saw some new enemies and the return of some classic foes, as the Doom Slayer armed himself with the trusty super shotgun.

At the end it was revealed that Bethesda will show off gameplay footage at Quake Con this August. The last time they did this the footage was exclusive only to Quake Con attendees, a move which was controversial and upsetting to many fans. However as Doom: Eternal could hit store possibly next year, it’s believed that Bethesda will show off gameplay footage to everyone who joins in on the livestream.

We’re super hyped as Doom was Game-News’ Game of the Year back in 2016 and we’re sure the sequel will be just as amazing! Check out the teaser below and stay tuned for more news right here!