Video gaming started off as a way to keep children occupied, but as technology started to advance and people of every age became interested in it, this turned into one of the most massive industries on the globe. This, in turn allowed such video games to have a huge effect on other spheres of human life, including those that appeared somewhat after the industry was well underway.

Online casino and gambling platforms were established some time after the video gaming industry, as a response to the never ending popularity of the old card and table games. Poker, blackjack and roulette became widely popular game types, but it was the online slots that managed to make a real impression since their appearance.

These online video slots provided players with a form of entertainment that combined all kinds of audience favourites – musicians, movies, mythology, and most importantly, video games, with a chance to profit from enjoying them.

Action & Adventure
This is one of the primary themes explored by video games, so it comes as no surprise that online slots soon followed the example. Just like video games would send your character on some kind of a mission, fighting enemies and looking for ways to survive, so slots set their players against spins and various outcomes in their search for jackpots online.

Movie/ Music Hits
The greatest achievements in the world of cinema and music are often a source of inspiration. Thus, video game and online slots developers have each found their way to exploit the same themes and create their specific form of entertainment. No matter whether you are taking the role of the lead singer or trying to play through the guitar solo, or you’re spinning your way to the band’ hit and thus, a major win, the theme is rather widespread.

Ancient Myths
The mythologies and cultural trademarks of ancient civilizations are a major attraction for video games and online slots. The former are most likely to let you lead an expedition to some ancient ruins and discover all kinds of cursed remnants of the people, while the latter are definitely going to direct you towards some form of lost riches and gold, with the jackpot as the final excavation point.

Some of the world’s most popular games are created using the theme of sports. Regardless of whether it is centred on football, basketball or any other sport, games like NBA and FIFA have definitely made their mark on the video gaming industry. In the same manner, these and many other sports have managed to inspire online slot themes, using balls and hoops and trainers as symbols that reward players the most when lining up on the reels.

With these and numerous others themes which video games and online slots have in common, players are bound to get the best of both worlds – exciting game play and storyline, high-end graphics and cash rewards.

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