There's some amazing news from Motion Twin, who've been hard at work perfecting their Dark Souls inspired, Rogue-lite Metroidvania game; Dead Cells. We've been waiting patiently since the last major Update (5.0) introduced some great content, including the Forge and now we've been given a sign that Dead Cells is near it's end of Early Access. The new update (6.0) titled "The Hand of The King", will bring us a whole new area and a final boss to end this spectacular game.

The Hand of the King will be the last major update for Dead Cells before it's release later this year and complete the main framework of the campaign. Motion Twin has said that it expects to release several mini-updates, containing "challenge room re-works, more tinkering with the Forge mechanic, UI and cosmetic changes, balancing, QA updates, bug fixes" prior to full release.

Dead Cells is also coming to PS4, Xbox One, and Switch with a free DLC expansion soon after.Here is a list of additons the new Update will feature, strenghting an already impressive title, which we previewed and rated very highly. Dead Cells is worth checking out for those who love Dark Souls, Castlevania and epic action adventures with neat level design dynamics. It's great the new update addresses certain areas the community felt needed improvement and this only makes a great game, better.

The Castle is a whole new level with a new final boss now waiting at the end of the game.

All grenades items are now Brutality items first. Some of them can be dual-colored with Tactics or Survival.

Community suggestion The hero HP scaling has been balanced. Points invested in Survival give more HP than points in Brutality, and these ones give more HP than points in Tactics.

Community suggestion Dodging no longer cancels your weapon chained-attacks. For example, with a Broad Sword, this means that you can use the first 2 attack sequences from this weapon, roll, then use the 3rd attack sequence (the heaviest attack).
Added new weapons & active skills, just because we could.

Added a 4th difficulty level (using the new 4th boss cell): “Nightmare”. You get more cells but enemies are of course stronger. You don’t have any healing flask refill AT ALL in this mode.

All the Boss Cells now only drop from the final boss! You get the 1st one when killing him for the first time. The 2nd one can be dropped from him in “Hard” difficulty level. The 3rd one is dropped in “Very hard” difficulty level and the last one in “Extreme” difficulty level.

Stay tuned for more news on Dead Cells and further updates for this awesome game!